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Pattern Breaking

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Boredom happens because people are not living righteously. And remember just because I am writing this does not mean I am not guilty. It’s not about feeling guilty, but correcting this. When given the opportunity to correct our “faults” often times we put up defense mechanisms in order to protect ourselves from that feeling of guilt, fault or shame. But really the feeling is of the overall depression that the world is often times ignoring.

It is okay to feel sad or upset because there are a lot of sad and upsetting things happening in this world. But we cannot manage those things by defending ourselves from feeling at all. When we do that, we engage in a cycle of pain where we might look for momentary pleasures to sooth that feeling, in order to temporarily shut off the feeling. This will only postpone yet another cycle, where we end up in the same place.

That cycle is where a lot of us are surviving, not thriving. Only when we choose to recognize this, can we opt out of that cycle, and begin to heal, both ourselves and others.

Now what? Now that we know about this (dis)ease, how do we truly impact and bring about significant change? It starts by exposing the wounds where this sort of closing off began.

When we take the time to understand where this began, where we hid from what hurt us, and when we notice the point that we began attempting to power through it with false strength. Those first hurts, and how we managed them set the standard for how we might deal with and protect ourselves for lifetimes.

In shedding these patterns, we may find that it is necessary to return to these times where we began the behavior. From here, we can begin to transmute the energy, and change the pattern of behavior or dissolve it altogether. From there we insert visualization techniques, new thought patterns and high vibrational living.

For more information on how to live at a higher vibration, tap into your inner wisdom and specific techniques, schedule a consultation with me!

Hang in there beauties, we do this together!


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