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On Perspective and Transcending the Story

Updated: May 10

Perspective is the mind running the show. The mind telling you what to see. It’s a projection from the mind onto the material world. Truth is the unveiling of that layer that allows people to live in a world only they have created, seeing through that illusion, into what is actually happening. This touches a bit on narcissism and what that is because the “narcissist” sees only their story and never anyone else’s, creating a self-serving life only. But that is just a label. I don’t believe that to be some awful thing that we look at, judge, and shun. It’s a life not feeling love, to be honest, and needs love more than anyone.

If we unmask the veil of illusion, we can begin to tap into something more spiritual, and ultimately love. These veils come from defenses that are put into play to protect the psyche from seeing the truth.

So, the question lies in why we end up shutting down those emotions naturally? And also, why when we honor deeper feeling, must these feelings, or the truth of it all, end up showing up in such magnitude. That’s why when we challenge the others versions of the truth, that they are often times resistant to it all. The solution lies in the answers to these questions.

As we practice empathy for ourselves, and others, we are able to release the defense mechanisms that protect our hurts from being exposed. When we expose our truths, at first it can be really scary and hard, but over time, we are able to fill our own voids. Filling ourselves up with the truth and beginning to be able to switch our perspectives from seeing our own story, to stepping into another’s story, to seeing the possibility to adopt a different story for even ourselves, is the beginning of transcending these boxes we put ourselves in.

Be easy with yourself and never stop practicing.


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