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Sheena Dressel is a hypnotherapist, integrative health practitioner, veteran and yogi.


Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner

I am Sheena. I am a writer, a scholar, a truth-seeker, an empath, and a warrior. My journey started when I was deployed with the Army National Guard to Iraq and Afghanistan. I was awakened to an entirely new thought process during these two deployments. I am inspired to understand humans, culture, and war. When the Army was all said and done, I took a yoga training that changed my mind (and heart) again. I was open to concepts of love, compassion, and self-realization.


Throughout my life, I have battled addictions and life cycle traumas that run deep into my lineage and DNA. This has brought me to a place of humility and strength that I was not aware existed. These themes and experiences have given me a value system that has become my training and set the stage for my personal growth.

Success for me is moving with grace and joy through this vast and spacious universe, day in and day out. I currently dwell in the Wild Wild West, Las Vegas, and strive to see the truth in my surroundings. I am a Spiritual Scientist (an Alchemist) who knows we can all live in harmony in this diverse world. I study healing arts, the mind, and healthy lifestyle techniques and continuously avidly pursue my self-discovery.


I practice a holistic and integrative approach to healing and transformation. We consider the individual's experiences, past traumas, current values systems, physical health, mental state, spiritual knowledge, relationships, and overall life. With all of this information, we make a plan to remove blockages and implement routines to achieve the individual's goals and dreams. 

Certified Advanced Professional Hypnotherapist

Certified Yoga Practitioner

Master Reiki Practitioner

Certified Life Coach




We fear the dark parts of ourselves, and when we hide from those parts, we also cut off essential parts of our being that allow us to have the energy to create. Pain is nearly inevitable in this world. Our world is created by how we respond to that pain, the world around us, and what we allow to occupy our minds. The subconscious mind never stops; however, we can heal when we align the mind and body. This will enable us to grow from our suffering into a new vibration. You don't have to fear the darkness. You can embrace it intentionally, with light. This is the practice of awareness, self-realization, empowerment, connection, and mindfulness. This is what being evolved in this world is about. It can be challenging and a little daunting at times, but you are not alone. I am here to be your bridge and support so you may find your way with love. 


For questions on what I have to offer, and more information, please reach out. I am here with you!

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