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Sheena is an amazing and compassionate person. She is a Soldier, a leader, a healer and a Yogi. Sheena has the ability to help people with her words and her energy. She will leave you feeling happier and more motivated after every session.

Sheena continues to change my life for the better. I feel her words and put them into practice. I've seen major differences not just in my life but also with my relationship with my kids. 

Sheena has helped me set goals and suggested strategies essential to meeting those goals. Sheena has helped me understand my past trauma, how PTSD still affects me and how to set boundaries in every relationship. 

Sheena helped me develop the confidence to work through a difficult relationship problem. After a session with her, I was able to carry an extra layer of confidence so I could work to change the pictures in my head and the words I say to myself.

 Sheena’s sessions have helped me reside in a calm centered space while also activating a breath of fire for my mental clarity.

Thank you for your part in helping sharpen the tools to navigate difficult life decisions.

When I was filled with anxiety and having a really hard time focusing on what I needed to do to just to get through the day, I used Sheena's Hypnotherapy sessions to help me sleep. I was so stressed and had so much on my plate. I would waste time I didn't have overthinking just how to start some of the tasks I had in front of me. Being a full time undergrade student, working fulltime, and going through an emotionally consuming break up, I hit my ceiling of stress and ability to cope alone. Without Sheena's calming voice during our guided hypnotherapy sessions, I don't want to say I would have broken as a person, but I am much better off having used her as a resource. Her sessions provided me with the ability to quiet my ruminating mind and redirected my energy, so I wasn't wasting it. I was able to push through a difficult and self-isolated period of my life. Thank you, Sheena, for helping me through the chaos.

Absolutely amazing woman who provides incredible services to enrich the lives of others. Thank you Sheena, it's clear that you care about raising the vibration of the world around you and I'm grateful.

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