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Vibrational Healing and Heaven on Earth

Healing takes many forms. It can feel like an ever-evolving and never-ending sort of thing, and it can be something that comes quickly in a sort of whirlwind, life-changing fashion. I was hanging out with a friend’s newborn baby the other day and she had a small rash on her cheeks. There can be many different reasons, and there are certainly many different solutions, depending on who you speak to or which modality you choose to subscribe to. I think about what is actually doing the healing as I am staring at this sweet life forms rosy and irritated cheeks. I look into her eyes and I think in a telepathic sort of way, wondering if she knows what it is, or if she has any insight. I then take my hands about 2 inches above her face in a cupping like fashion and I begin to pray. I pray for the answers to be shown to the questions that we have about the rash. I then shift to align and calibrate with the baby’s inner wisdom and something comes to me. You know how to heal. You are pure and connected source. And then I began to pray for activation of self-healing mechanisms within the baby’s cells and systems. This is something all of us can do for ourselves.

I have never subscribed to the western form of doctoring. We were taught young by my mother that doctors have a better chance of making things worse than better. I am not saying I believe that to be entirely true, but I was taught that. I spent my early teens learning about the health food store that my mother managed. She would read a new health book, and my sister and I would be on another cleanse. I began working in that health food store when I was 14. I learned how to make suggestions to people through this rather biblical health book called “Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing.” I would flip through this book and others, attempting to figure out a way to deal with anything from seasonal allergies to hormone replacement therapies, and everything in between. It was rewarding for someone my age to lead people of all different shapes and sizes to healing. I loved watching someone’s face as they questioned my age and my story.

Healing takes place at a super small level. It is energetic more than anything. That is why there is so much information about our thoughts controlling even our physical states, because the mind (thoughts) do affect energy, and are in fact energy. The vibration of disease and illness has a hard time entering a being that is vibrating high. I don’t know how we got so far away from these concepts in the western world. I have my suspicions surrounding symptomatic treatments rather than finding the root of a problem, along with marketing, economy and production. There is also a lot of information to support that our western lifestyle is just downright contradictory to the health of humanity but nonetheless, we really took ourselves so far back.

We are in the times of COVID now and I sit here wondering to myself why there is not information being blasted across our television screens, billboards and computers promoting wellness in general. And my conspiracy theorists might give me an onslaught of reasons, but I don’t buy into that either. If we are truly talking about death of our brothers and sisters here, which we are, then I actually don’t think people want others suffering or dying. On the contrary, what I find more plausible is that people just don’t know any better. They are so wrapped up in fear, pain of their own and a need to survive that they sort of have no idea what they are doing. No one’s winning with any of this.

What I know that we can offer people, is a better way. Even people that seem to be convolute and advantageous to the overall discomfort. The information may be out there, but the path is hard, and this world has not been set up properly thus far. However, that is not to say it can’t be, or that it was even purposefully done this way.

Answer this honestly, if I could tell you that tomorrow, or somewhere in the future, the world could live in health, prosperity and joy, would you be okay with letting go of how we got here? What if… What if, it just evolved into this? Like people are desire driven, 5 sensory beings that are essentially persuaded and influenced incredibly easy, and even the people that may have been on top, were only feeding their 5 senses. So, it just trickled down and it worked. People felt good. Some felt better than others, some suffered horribly and unfortunately the disease perpetuated itself. And then you have a few living the most lavish, material and 5 sensory instilling realities. All the while others are simply filling their place in different levels while inhabiting and sustaining for the next level, and so on.

Over time, that came to be a problem because it is completely self-serving and unsustainable. Heavier and heavier that problem began to shine through, and we are at the point of fixing it now. I see like I see anything within myself that I fed for the reasons of satisfying the craving or desire without tapping into the meaning. Overindulging and making haste in the direction of feeling good despite the vibration that it emitted. That old adage. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Well what if someone only loses an eye, if we aren’t being aware? What if there is no such thing as a coincidence or mistake even? What if everything has an origin, and can be traced back to that origin given the right attention and focus?

All I am saying here is there is a way to heal on an energetic level that does not require anyone to pick a side, place blame or even require any specific fix. I know that sounds so ideal. But hear me out. Let’s just say we all began to sit with ourselves for 10 minutes every morning upon waking. We set the tone for this world and we moved in grace. I have changed my patterns and habits so much in my 34 years of life. Some behaviors took 34 years, while others I learned and integrated immediately. We all have what it takes to work together. And we don’t need to call out those that aren’t. We just need to do it! And, we need to shed any belief system or pattern that thinks that it isn’t possible, or that feeds anything that thinks otherwise in our system. And that is not asking people to be naïve, but quite the opposite, to be Brave.

Healing is individual and collective. As we put our healing powers together, we will watch this world transform into heaven on earth.

I am here with you, doing it in as many ways as I can. If you need additional tools, support or motivation during this time. Schedule a session with me!

I am so grateful to be of service and act as a bridge for your healing journey.

So much Love and Gratitude,


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