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Mindbody: Psychoneuroimmunology and Dr. Candace Pert

The work of Candace Pert is so intriguing to me. I have long believed in the mindbody connection. I have been following the work of Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins

and many others for a long time as the mind body connection seems to be a foundation for their work. I have also practiced yoga for over half of my life and taught for over 10 years. Studying these values systems that promote overall wellbeing, also seem to already believe, or we could even say ‘know’ that there is a mind body connection. In many of these works, even going to the state of the mind, body and spirit connection. Which is the level that I work at.

Candace Pert’s work is enthralling, although a little heavy on the scientific theory for someone who hasn’t studied cells and biology, its findings are so supportive of the above information. I personally think that is what we need more of, in order to continue to see this shift in thought, that allows individuals to see the power of their minds in this world.

Before I go into how her work is helpful and supportive for giving others the ability to see the mind body connection, I want to say that there is something that I offer to people that I see so clearly now.

The material world as we know it, is very simply, a representation of internal works.

I think it is so easy to see and relay to another that all is at first a thought before it is created, when it comes to the creations of this world, outside of nature. Now, I don’t think people ponder that information enough, because if a string of thoughts put into action can build an entire city or come up with a whole system, why wouldn’t it be powerful enough to transform something within ourselves, something that may very well be intrinsically connected to us.

Candace Pert’s studies how emotions are manifested through the body. That peptides connect the mind and body. That peptides are the molecules of emotion. She gives us information supporting the notion “that if there are such things as psychosomatic illness, then why isn’t there psychosomatic wellness” ( Her studies on the endorphin molecule have profoundly shed light on how our body shares information between body and mind.

What I like about her work is that she takes scientific accounts and studies to share this information. This information is in a light that can be offered to the more allopathic approach of medicine. This is huge because we need more information that can reach that sector of our world. With this more prevalent in our hospitals, and medical systems, we might just be on the path to healing versus treating the surface of illness. If emotions create disease in people, then emotions are also the link to helping, seems to be the focal point of Candace Pert’s studies.

Tony Robbins has been working with people on this level for a long time. It certainly shows in the numbers that he has helped in raising their emotional state to overcome a variety of shifts in their lives, physical and mental. Only offering more evidence on the power of the mind at large.

“I want to expand on this speculation by re-turning to the example of the gut. The entire lining of the intestine, from the esophagus through the large intestine is lined with cells, nerve cells and other kinds of cells-that contain neuropeptides and neuropeptide receptors. It seems entirely possible to me that the richness and diversity of the receptors may be why a lot of people feel their emotions in their gut-why they have a “gut feeling.”

This is the mindbody connection. We have all experienced a “gut feeling” in our lives, or at the very least, know someone that has. I would even say its information that we believe in without questioning. The above quote is so well put. I think anyone can see the possible correlation between the cells and the possibility that they are what’s actually responding in situations like that. The other example that Candace Pert uses to show this connection is the face turning red out of embarrassment. Another clear connection to how we experience emotions, and something goes on in the body that elicits a physical reaction.

All of this information supports just how important it is for us to learn to manage our emotions through awareness. Negative emotions are important indicators of what is happening in our bodies or outside of us. Sometimes they are telling us of something important that we need to look at, and other times perhaps they are patterned responses within us that we can begin to transform in order to shift our states.

Positive emotions can elicit reactions that help us minimize illness and support wellbeing.

And I think it’s so important to see that this is all connected when looking at medical issues in a person. Perhaps heartburn is indicative of a bad relationship, and simply giving someone antacids is only a temporary fix, to a stress response that is slowly weakening their immune system day by day.

I say, the information is already available, and it is just about living and integrating it.

Here is Dr. Candace Pert's book on Amazon.


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