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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I am a collaborator of sorts.

Energy has come together to expand me.

I am pieces of so many.

I am neither beginning nor end.

In order to amend, I must attend.

Hello there, is this fair?

Who cares... "Knock knock."

“Who is there?”

My fair lady I am aware.

Forgive me father...

Everything I do is a prayer.

My soul tears as I shut down in order to explain.

And then I open back up when you come in.

All names remain.

I am not vain.

I am simply everything and nothing.

Post-traumatic, self diagnosed ego-maniac, Christ consciousness meets god-complex.

Be careful...

Humility means we know better.

Wisdom equals surrendering versus spell-binding.

The lines are thin.

And there is no winning.

Just configuring.

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