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Get Passionate about what Stays

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The high ends.

The drunk ends.

The purchase ends.

The satisfied craving ends.

The rich ends.

The promotion ends.

The goal gets met.

The honeymoon ends.

The vacation ends.

The excitement always ends.

The soul does not end, the physical body ends, but the soul remains.

Nature remains.

Spirit remains.

Why not get passionate about every moment.

About what is eternal.

We are up and down, and I offer is is that fluctuation that we are so caught up in.

Why not look forward to what ends only to be looking again for what is next?

Wake-up passionate about life.

About the flower, the sky, the soul.

It is forevermore.

If we wake up every moment to what is here now, we will not be concerned about what to be excited about.

Furthermore, we won’t be disappointed when it ends.

We are infinite and eternal.

Carry on beautiful creatures.


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