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From Believing to Being

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We play around with many ideas, but we don't always follow through with our dreams. Our dreams aren’t the answer to the childhood question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our dreams are the feelings that we have underneath all of the conditioning. Our dreams have nothing to do with sleeping and everything to do with being very, very awake. They are our intuition and our internal compass leading us to the truth.

Who are we underneath our forgetting? The transformational journey is about shedding, shedding, and more shedding of our skins. Getting here was whatever, and if we move forward with excitement, it won’t be long before we see that the ‘how we got here’ is unimportant. All of the looking back is a distraction, a pull from a vibration that does not serve our transformation. The beat begging our attention is entirely new and asks us to march to its rhythm.

I’ll preface by relating to our current times. I can feel the divide more than ever, and it reminds me of something similar that I want to discuss in this writing. There has been a divide within me for quite some time. I have spent most of my life trying to close the gap. I talked about it a little before, if you follow my writings. I say it’s something like a pull to be all-natural and one with the earth and the pull to be this sort of capitalist, ambitious, goal-driven human.

The divide lies amongst us all. The problem is that the two sides cannot come together. They are in opposition to one another. It is straightforward to see it in our world right now. A lot is going on, and it’s reminiscent of past revolutions. I keep getting this 60’s feel when I ponder the rioting, the political arena, and the broad divide of opinions about COVID. We can’t be divided. And if we are, the most potent vibration is what will eventually turn us.

What is better than holding an opinion during these times is a vibration. Regarding the Corona Virus, I would like to say that I see all its realities as valid. What is real to a person is real to them. I am, however, going to speak and say that when we take care of our bodies, minds, souls, and conditions, we will see health increase on all levels. When I say that, that does not mean I do not believe or am okay with people dying and hurting. When we cultivate and activate the vibration of healing, it is a frequency held in the space of truth, compassion, and love. That doesn’t mean that we ignore what is going on. That does, however, say that faith is about knowing that there is a more excellent picture to all of this. I do not pretend to understand or know what this great universe is doing; I trust in it.

Yes, there is great sadness and suffering in this world right now. But there has been for all of the time. There is so much remaining that has yet to be uncovered and begs our attention. And I know this looks like one thing, but just like any other build-up, the object of our attention is not always the source of our pain. And if we look at the history of the world, I would say that it’s been improving overall, and that’s not to say we haven’t messed up a lot in the process. And yes, the systems that once worked are old and are folding in on themselves. For instance, money is a system that may have had great intentions in its initial stages, but I think we can all see where it has torn us apart and put us in pain.

What if we are evolving? I’ll keep asking that question because I was hoping you could think deeply about what that looks like. No one has ever tried to make the natural world look like it was all fun and games. Just turn on Netflix and watch any episode of Planet Earth. It’s not easy out there. The animal kingdom is gruesome. And I know that’s not us. We are human. But most of us have partaken in the same system in some way that is also killing us. So, maybe it’s time to think outside the box into true healing and real problem-solving. That means we must stop finger-pointing, past gazing, and fighting. It’s okay to disagree, but it’s better to find a compromise as we engage with what is happening.

Now, let me talk about the individual.

There is no going backward, only progress on the individual’s path. If learning, self-realization, and empathy lay the foundation for the person, everything serves. There is no going backward. All work applies. Cycles sometimes seem repetitive, but if we look closely at their subtle little shifts, we will gain insight into actual growth. Cycles run parallel. We

don’t unlearn. We only learn. So when we progress in a process, we take that progress with us into the next attempt at unraveling the cycle again. Keep in mind that the frequency of the cycle can change slightly and still look much like it has before.

I like this example. I hear many people talk about how they relapse into some addiction. The truth is that most of them learned something in their sobriety, and the experience of returning to their drug of choice came with a different lesson. Once we fall for addiction and deem ourselves subject to its pull, it’s a lifelong journey to say no to its lure. Relapse doesn’t mean failure but an opportunity for lessons. It is just more information. This is about a shift in perception. It is when the individual focuses more on the awareness of self than on the need or desire for something that they can finally shift to a state of learning rather than unconsciously living. This shift is significant in the ability to begin to change and grow.

When the individual is on the right path (in alignment with source), it is about listening to the subtle cues of that path until the cues become louder and overpower the distractions. The answers are always presented to the individual. Empathy is about embodying those answers. It is about hearing what each individual needs for their right path. When we choose to align our mind, body, and soul… Everything serves. This includes becoming healthy on the physical plane and the spiritual plane. When we are healthy, we aren’t focused on surviving and are given insight into what is happening within.

At first, understanding all experiences as necessary and holding within it a lesson comes slowly. Synchronicities are not as prevalent, but noticed here and there, and only when they are very obviously so. Over time, they become impossible to ignore when listening, recognizing, and even practicing observation of these cues. It is when the shift from noticing these cues goes from inquiry and discovery to assurance and affirming that the formula begins to convince the individual. This is what happens when we shift from believing to true understanding. This is the difference between practicing and embodying. This is true Faith, God, Angels, Universe, Source connections, and so on.

At some point, everything, every experience, every person, every shift, and every moment becomes relevant. It is here where flow exists. It is here where the spiritual meets the material. It is also here where we discover that everything has an origin. There is no coincidence, only relevance. All of life becomes a story, constantly giving to the receiver. Always communicating with its observer. This begins the most tangible form of transformation.

This relationship is love, empathy, is alchemy. And what a romance it is to come alive fully. In this communion, the receiver is so in awe that it is simple to be patient, compassionate, and accepting. Life gives in such a way that it feeds the observer magically, and the observer is compelled to experience love. This relationship is of respect. There is no conflict, only trust. This faith is of a sacred source. This relationship is what is meant by the divine. Constant acceptance, fluid communication, and overall reverence.

The vibration here moves mountains. It is the mountains. It is the sun and the moon. There is no need to preach about it, share its vision, or read its scriptures. By engaging in this union, the vibration heals. By finding this frequency, others can become a part of it. And so does the world heal within it.

When we are in an authentic connection, there is no need on the material plane to inform. The energetic vibration will handle the teachings quietly, with love and empathy. This is what is meant by ‘holding the vibration.’

We are in the mud, my friends, from where the lotus flower blooms. Hold onto the vibration, and ride the wave, because we are coming out of this in grace.

So much Love. So much Peace.

Mindset Mentor and Intuitive Guide,

Sheena Dressel

For support along this journey, please schedule a consultation with me on my website, and let’s see what there is to see.

Evolved Being

‘For the Love of Being’

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